Putting on a recital doesn't have to be a headache.

With the right tools, you can put on a show without the burn-out. Enjoy a stress-free recital season with The Ultimate Recital Toolkit! The Ultimate Recital Toolkit is a 10 Module Course to help you plan and implement an organized and professional recital season.
Putting on a recital doesn't have to be a headache.

What you won't get:

  • Stress of chasing down choreographers

  • Crickets in the audience

  • Long hours of work sorting lighting cues and show details

  • An overflow of recital shirts after the show

  • Confused and frustrated teachers

  • Feeling burnt out before the show

What you will get:

  • More Ticket Sales

  • Informed & Satisfied Families

  • Unified Faculty

  • Excited Students and Choreographers

  • Professional Brand Representation

  • Time to Relax and ENJOY the Show!

What's included:

You have two choices...

You can continue on with this recital like you always have and feel like you want to tear your eyes out OR get ahead of the game, systemize like a pro, and ENJOY your recital season with The Ultimate Recital Toolkit.

Get started now!

The Ultimate Recital Toolkit is perfect for:

  • Saving Time With Ready-to-Use Templates

  • Filling Up Your Audience

  • Impressing Your Community

  • Empowering Your Staff

  • Creating a Stress-Free Recital Season


  • Olivia Mode-Cater


    Olivia Mode-Cater

    Olivia Mode-Cater, EdM is the Founder and CEO of Dance ED Tips. She has been teaching dance for over 15 years, working in higher education, PK-12 schools, and private studios. Olivia is passionate about supporting and guiding this generation of dance teachers. Her mission is to give practical solutions to common classroom problems so that dance teachers can excel. She carries out this mission not only at Dance ED Tips, but also at Hofstra University where she is Director of Dance Education and also at regional and national conferences such as, NJAHPERD, NJ Charter Schools Conference, and National Dance Education Organization Conference. Olivia believes that effective teaching strategies should be shared to combat the isolation that dance teachers often feel. Olivia does this through the products and services offered by Dance ED Tips, as well as contributing to other publications, such as Dance Studio Life Magazine, Dance-Teacher.com, and the Business of Dance Podcast. Olivia is committed to creating a community of dance teachers that supports one another and hopes that you will join us for our next online course or workshop!
  • Micaela  Crites

    Micaela Crites

    Micaela has been the go-to girl for streamlining recitals for over 7 years. She has been the dancer, choreographer, backstage helper and recital coordinator. She knows that getting everyone organized and prepared is important to a smooth show, but can feel impossible as one person. Micaela is excited to share her secret systems that she's created over the years so that you can rest easy this recital!


  • Can this course really help me take control of my studio's recital?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an emAbsolutely! Regardless of your recital experience, this course is designed give you the tools and confidence to have a stress-free recital season. You might even freak out the night before because you have nothing to do!ail.

  • How much time will it take to complete the course?

    This is totally at your own pace! There are 10 modules. (Each module is 15-60 minutes long.) We recommend you schedule 1-2 hours each day to watch a module and execute the system.

  • Do I really need the Ultimate Recital Timeline with the course?

    How much time do you really want to save? The timeline gives you a schedule to make sure that everything gets done at the RIGHT time so that you don't fall behind and end up stressed like years before.

  • Do I need any special program to complete the course and implement the systems?

    To view the course, you must have access to the internet and one of the major internet browsers. (Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Edge) To implement the systems we've created for this course, you must be able to open an Excel spreadsheet, view a .pdf, and email your clients/staff. For complete automation of these systems, contact micaela@mcdigitalinc.com.

  • How much does it cost?

    You get the entire course for only $497. Put these systems into place this year and be set for all of your shows to come! For complete automation of these systems, contact micaela@mcdigitalinc.com.