Learn How to Partnering Safely & Effectively

In this online course, you will learn how to safely teach partnering and lifts to students of all ages. We will be providing you with diagrams, images, and worksheets breaking down the principles of partnering, proper technique, and safe points for support. We will provide videos breaking down beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifts from multiple angles so that you and your students can execute them successfully. Lastly, we will model contact improvisation exercises that we recommend to do with your students in order to improve their partnering skills. 
Learn How to Partnering Safely & Effectively

Who is this course for?

  • PK-12 dance teachers, studio teachers, and university professors.

  • Teachers who want to teach partnering and lifts the right way.

  • Teachers who want to teach partnering and lifts safely.

  • Teachers who want to enhance their choreography with lifts.

What's included?

  • 6 easy-to-follow modules with videos

  • 12 different lifts increasing in difficulty

  • 5 PDF downloads for teacher and students

  • 4 contact improvisation exercises with demonstrations

  • Certificate of completion for 3 professional development hours

How will this course help you?

When teaching lifts, many educators just teach an individual lift. They don’t teach how to lift. This means that dancers have a very limited experience in partnering and, if asked, wouldn’t know how to create lifts on their own. In our course, we fill that need. We share with you HOW to lift, not just how to do 1 lift. Once you have finished the course, you’re going to know the foundation for lots of different types of lifts, so that you can teach them to your students and really make them your own.
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How will this course help you?

Partnering Transformation Plan:

  • 1. Watch the videos

    Watch the video on partnering and lifts in each module.

  • 2. Download the worksheets

    Download the PDFs created for the teacher and dancers.

  • 3. Implement Dance Ed Tips

    Implement the principles of partnering and lifts you've learned into your classroom.

Course curriculum